Truman Series

Size: 42mm, 38mm

The Truman series features watch bands with a simplistic and timeless design detailed with simple corner stitching and one single loop. Made out of oil tanned full grain leather, these watch bands are durable and will stand the test of time, ageing gracefully as the leather matures.


Perfect for everyday use.

Truman Series – Chipwood


* All watchbands do not ship with the Apple Watch.

In stock

Watch Size *

Watch Buckle color / Apple Watch Adapter


42mm Band:


Lug size: 24/22mm tapered strap
Strap Length: 120/70mm


38mm Band:


Lug size: 20/18mm tapered strap
Strap Length : 110 / 70mm


Apple Adapter:


Stainless steel anodized to Apple Watch profile

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