Military Series

Size: 42mm, 38mm

Love straight clean lines? The Military Series might be just what you’re looking for. Inspired by the NATO and ZULU watch band designs, these watch bands are made from tanned leather and finished with a stainless steel buckle and two closed metal loops. The simplistic design make these the lightest watch bands in the entire range.


Taking the NATO and ZULU watch band designs one step further, the Military Series watch bands do not run under the bottom of the Apple Watch – this ensures that the heart rate sensors remain fully functional.


Perfect for casual and everyday use.

Military Series


* All watchbands do not ship with the Apple Watch.

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42mm Band:


Lug size: 24/24mm
Strap Length: 120/70mm

38mm Band:


Lug size: 20/20mm tapered strap
Strap Length : 110 / 70mm


Apple Adapter:


Stainless steel anodized to Apple Watch profile

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