The Cross Stitches origin

“We want to create a leather goods company that resonates with quality and style.”

passion :

[pash-uh n]

A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything:
A passion for leather crafting.

Cross Stitches was born out of a passion for well-made leather goods. As consumers of quality leather goods, we thought that it would be a great adventure to embark on a journey to actually get involved in the leather crafting process starting from designing, sourcing, manufacturing and trading high quality leather product ourselves.

Meet Uncle Ming. We were on a vacation with Uncle Ming. He has over 30 years of experience in the leather watch band business. Conversations sparked. One thing led to another and the three of us with Uncle Ming’s knowledge in the craft decided that we could start something new. As each of us have unique skills that complement each other, we decided to work together on a new leather goods company and start with what we know best – Watch Bands.

What We Stand For.

We want to create a leather goods company that resonates with quality and style. We want our leather goods to be a part of everyday life. Think about a simple watch band that would subtly complement one’s outfit and highlights their individuality, style and confidence.

New dreams are romantic. What people seldom talk about is the hard work that goes into making dreams a reality. The engine has begun, the first step has been taken and plans put into place. Cross Stitches is already out there in the wild. We learn, we deliver!

Yit Low
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