The Apple Watch Adapter

The Apple Watch Adapter

One of the many features that makes the Apple Watch likeable is the ability to change or swap the watch band easily. We love it!

It is great that Apple made a variety of watch bands but you don’t have to limit yourself to one vendor. Afterall, watch bands were invented way before Apple Watch.  There are plenty of really nice aftermarket watch bands that go with any style at your liking. All you need is a pair of Apple Watch adapter and a watch band that fits.

There are generally two types of Apple Watch adapters out there:

The U bar adapter




The design of this adapter is found in Apple’s watch band collection. There are two tiny screws holding the U bar together. You need a screw driver (usually a pentalobe screwdriver) to remove the U bar.

 The spring bar adapter



[Rose Gold 48mm Apple Watch Adapter]


This is a traditional mechanism that is commonly used in watches. The spring bar that holds the watch band to the adapter can be easily detach with just a pin (i.e. paperclip) that fits into the pin hole.

Therefore, it is really convenient to change the watch bands without any special tool.

At Cross Stitches, our watch bands come with the spring bar adapter in various colors to complement your Apple Watch face. We think the build of the traditional spring bar adapter is more robust and the application is a lot easier for our users.

Simple and easy, we like to keep it that way!

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Truman Series – Chipwood


* All watchbands do not ship with the Apple Watch.

In stock

Watch Size *

Watch Buckle color / Apple Watch Adapter


42mm Band:


Lug size: 24/22mm tapered strap
Strap Length: 120/70mm


38mm Band:


Lug size: 20/18mm tapered strap
Strap Length : 110 / 70mm


Apple Adapter:


Stainless steel anodized to Apple Watch profile

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