Cross Stitches | Crafted Leather Goods Co.
Cross Stitches, a Leather Goods Company. We sell Watch Straps for Apple Watch in 42mm and 38mm Apple Watch Band. Some things don’t change. Like a classic leather watch band. It is repurposed, for a new era. We are Cross Stitches. We make leather watch bands and more.
Apple Watch Bands, Leather Bands, Apple Watch Straps, Leather, Leather Goods Co.
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Some things don’t change, like a classic leather watch band. It is repurposed for the new era. At Cross Stitches, we make leather watch bands and more.

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Snap and go!

All our leather watch bands come with an Apple Watch strap adapter – just snap the Apple Watch in and you’re ready to go.

In The Wild : Take a photo and hashtag us #xstitchesau. Follow on instagram : @cross.stitches